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About Leighton?


Leighton Tracking Ltd (LTL) is a leading provider of Fleet Management and tracking systems throughout East Africa. Our range of services include  Basic tracking solutions, Fleet management systems, Fuel management system with remote capability, personnel tracking and response systems, VIP solutions, temperature Tracking  Systems,  Cargo Tracking systems, Combustion Optimizers, Emission Testing, Control and  Monitoring Systems among others.

Our mission is to provide project consultancy and solutions using the most advanced technology at a minimal cost.

Our goal is to make our customers prolific, competent and self –sufficient through an expert level of services and state of the art products.

Our core value

  • Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Excellence

Saving on fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions is what most car manufacturers are aiming for before electric cars fully take over the automotive market - Kraali Runga

We Are Professional at

Fleet Management and tracking systems


We are a professional tracking company dealing in hardware and software. Unlike many tracking companies, we have many unique services, for example our solutions based on GPS/GSM/GPRS or SMS and internet use the latest and the most reliable tracking technology in the world market today.

We make the most suitable team to undertake your vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management project by virtue of our sound and long term experience developing decision supporting database solutions, Geographical Information systems (GIS/GPS), Access control systems based on RFID, and ability to use structured methodologies, communication tools, and network configuration and management.

The projects we have handled have realized a quick turnaround in their implementation to the delight of the sponsors. We would like to extend the same to your esteemed organization.

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Customer Testimonials

Our surprise was the speed at which Leighton Tracking technicians do their work. The efficiency is unbeatable!

- Quarter INC.

Leighton Tracking is the company of choice when it comes to hydrology and related fields. They know what they are doing!

- Titanium Company

This is to confirm that we carried out test installation on Hunter Supertech Combustion Optimizer device for a period of three (3) month. We noted a diesel fuel consumption improvement by 13%

- Benchmark Distribution

We installed H U N T E R SUPERTECH COMBUSTION OPTIMIZER device on the unit.We immediately noted that the exhaust smoke had drastically reduced. The vehicle perfumed so well on the road. The fuel consumption results were marvelous; the vehicle is even faster on the road!


After the gadget was fitted, we noted a sudden cut in emission from vehicle. We used the vehicle for period of now for 4 month. We noted that the vehicle has no emission at all. The vehicle is faster & stronger on the road. The is a noted reduction in fuel consumption by about 12%

- CET Industry LTD

We loved the courtesy and customer care fro the company. We will ultimately hire again!

- King

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