Fleet Management with Fuel ManagementFuel siphoning is probably one of the biggest challenges that transporters experience. With the Leighton fuel monitoring system, you do not have to worry anymore. The system tracks the precise amount refueled/siphoned and the location in real time. More so, the system shows you the amount of fuel in the tank and average consumption. Whether it is for stationary fuel tanks (e.g. in fuel firms, generators etc.) or mobile fuel tanks (e.g. in trucks, buses, heavy equipment etc.)

The Leighton Fuel Management system allows you to perform various tasks from your phone or computer. You may check the location of the vehicle,its speed, its travel history, the level of fuel and the state of the engine.

It provides the following key indications:-

Real time fuel level and amount

Amount of fuel dispensed into the fuel tank.

Fuel consumption rate

Theft detection