LTL is a leading Relational Database management system provider, Geographical and spatial Information Systems design and development services provider (GIS) with a unique understanding in this field.

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a well designed and an organized information systems for the data collection, storage, retrieval, display and analysis of spatial objects, and phenomena where geographic location is an important characteristic or critical to the analysis.

Tracking & Fleet Management

Tracking your fleet in the simplest through the most advanced technology available. From personal cars, VIP tracking, heavy equipment, school buses and much more

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Digital Speed Governors

New, advanced and better speed governors for your fleet. Limits the vehicles speed and protects vehicle engine in a single cost effective system

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Alarms and Vehicle Security Accessories

Keep your vehicles secure at all times with the advanced security solutions from Leighton such as Hunter, auto watch and smart key.

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Access Control & Advanced CCTV Systems

We bring modern surveillance solutions to your location: 4G Cameras/Wireless/, IP Based Cameras, Solar cameras for backup

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General Security Products

These include security components such as security gates, security fences, critical facility security systems. Smart solutions for your homes.

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