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Did you just get a loan from the bank and buy that dream matatu you have wanted to have for so long. Or are you already in the business and are the owner of a matatu/Bus or matatus/Buses which begin work at 5.00 am and return at the appointed time at night. Many things happen during the day but most of all, you want to be sure that all is well with your matatu. Cell phones keep you in touch, but what happens if there is no network and your driver is mteja for hours? Or his phone’s battery dies and he cannot recharge it? Or the cell phone is stolen? Or for one reason or the other, he has no cell phone? What if misfortune strikes and the driver is not in a position to communicate with you? But even more important - how many passengers were transported from point A to point B? Which of course adds up to what is earned for the day.

These are real life scenarios for matatu owners. Its what determines the success of your business and if not handled properly you are permanently in but this no longer needs to happen, thanks to Leighton Tracking Limited. You can now relax knowing all is taken care of. But how?

Leighton offers not just the standard tracking services but also fleet management solutions using the latest and most reliable technology in the world today such as GPS, GSM/GPRS. From your mobile phone or computer, you can have full access to your vehicle any time, all the time including historical records on the number of trips your matatu has made.


What does the Leighton Fleet Management Solutions offer?

The service will enable you access the following data about your vehicle:

  • Time of departure and arrival
  • Number of kilometers travelled
  • The speed/s at which the vehicle travelled. You will know if speed limits were exceeded with an SMS alert (on the owner’s phone) whenever your vehicle has exceeded speed limit even by 1 km/h.
  • Any stoppages and deviations that took place along the way.
  • The vehicle’s location at any given time. It is possible to view the vehicle’s actual location on a map, thanks to Google Earth which will include a picture image of the area the vehicle is located.

For all PSV owners, and other stake holders, Leighton has developed the First of its kind, Real time Passenger counter. The counter allows you to control the entry and exit of passengers and to generally manage you business very profitably from the comfort of your choice of place – home, office, meeting, you name it, Leighton will help you meet your need.


The counter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to tell if a passenger is entering or leaving a vehicle and transmits the information to the office computer. This will drastically improve your daily proceeds by a considerable margin while ensuring that your vehicle is not overloaded at ay given time.


Here is how the system works for you: