Leighton Tracking

Welcome to Leighton Tracking where we keep yours close.


Do you have a car or a fleet of cars or are you are an individual or a corporate company? Are you are tired of trying to figure out where your vehicle/s is when you most need it/them. When you can not trace the driver/s because they are in ‘ no network’ area. The runway cost of fuel, repair and maintenance are escalating. Or perhaps something else beyond human control has happened and you need to know what action to take. This is where Leighton Tracking Limited comes in.


The Leighton Central Web and BASE station is fitted with the latest cellular communication network (GPRS, AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, and GSM) and the internet which gives it unrivaled ability to communicate with all vehicles and relay the same information to the vehicle owner via a computer or a cell phone. Leighton BASE station keeps an eye on your vehicle 24/7 while you sleep or engage in other business here is how we do it

How our system works:

The GPS(Global Positioning System) consists of a system of 24 satellites orbiting the earth. The GPS receiver that we install in your vehicle remains in constant communication with them and with our servers so as to give a real time location of your vehicle.